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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Welcome to the Village

Welcome to the Village

Hey, y'all!!!!!! I am so glad you stopped by to hang out with us! I almost said hang out with me because you will be seeing my face the most...We are semi adjusted here and we are still trying to take in the beauty of the surroundings. I will give you updates on your progress.

If you follow me on social media @thetravelingoddess. You will know that I not only give you the good but I give you the lesson (bad). Get ready to laugh and for the tears from the laughter. I am telling you I laugh at myself so when others laugh it doesn't bother me..... Try it sometime and see if I'm kidding. If you need help then let me know!

Do you like to grow fruits, veggies, flowers, fruit trees........then this is the place for you and I'll be looking for your comments and tips! It truly takes a village! If you are a lover of books then hey friend hey!!!!!! This is the place for you. I love to read books and I love to sometimes host book clubs due to the fact of I like to hear other people's thoughts and I love hosting book swaps!!! There are going to be days that you need a little pick me up and a little giggle. Guess what I am your girl because I do love to giggle! I have tried to tone down my lol I am kidding. I love to laugh.

If you love your children but you like to hide from them because they are getting on the last good nerve you have... INVITE ME cause I like to hide from mine to honey! Don't leave me out. I would host walks at the park because I knew my kids wouldn't go. My husband bought me a house with land and said look you and your people can walk the neighborhood. You can then hold meditation in the yard........Now while he is right and its a great idea but I can't hide from the kids at the house.....hahahahahahahahahahaha so invite me to hide with you!!!

Why did we decide to blog? Well, I was playing with the idea of do I want to do a podcast or a blog. So I took my youngest to register him for school...COME ON SCHOOL....(that was me rolling the dice....AHT AHT stop judging me). I met this lady and she was so sweet and patient and when I had to go home and get something to come back.

She remembered my face and she helped me finish registering my son. We were comparing motherhood as in wanting our kids to turn out and be great human beings and yet we are pulling or hair out. We have boys and they are in high school and dear lordt help While we were talking she came out of nowhere and says you should blog!!!!

So ha when you get your signs from above you better pay attention! I struggled because I was like no one wants to hear me cry about how these mosquitoes are gangsters out here. They scare me and I try to be in before the street light comes on......Now that I think about it. When I was growing up I was told I had to be on the porch before the street light came on. I used to think it was because they didn't want me to have fun and hang out.

Nope, I am now convinced that its because they didn't want me beat up by the mosquitoes. I am really feeling your side eyes right now... Well, save them for the future because you will be using them. Did I mention that I am truly excited and grateful that you guys are here with me??????? Well, I am and make sure you share it with a friend. I promise everyone needs a little tosh love. Oh, make sure you add your email on the list so you make sure that you get the next blog post. I promise I will do my best to get you the information without taking 50 years to do it!

Thanks for being here! Catch you later dudes! Don't forget if you have a comment leave it below or email me:

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