Learning to accept lessons

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

“Patience is a virtue, and I'm learning patience. Its a tough lesson.” Elon Musk

Hey guys!!! When I tell you that this rebranding and renaming of the business is wearing me, thin honey. It’s taking a ton of time but I have to honestly say that I am enjoying it. I have always wondered what it would be like to own a business with my husband. I now finally know what that is like. It’s a learning lesson, but not in a bad way. I am used to doing things the way that I want them. I would ask for his opinion but I would still do what I wanted. But now I am having to take into account the things he wants to see because this is OUR family business. I have been working on our new logo for a week. I know some are saying girl that’s not long at all! But it is when you both don’t work the same shift and I have to wait until he can see what I have come up with. There were days that I would get off of work and say you know what I’m not doing anything with the business today because I am tired. When I tell you that I am thankful for buffer. I can schedule my post two weeks out and then whatever I post outside of buffer or at to my stories is just a

It’s because I feel you need a little extra. So I think I have done the logo like 80 times because you have to play with the font and the size and the color and the..... Did you see those periods those were tears from having to do it alone? Lol.... when I had my other business and I had work done I depended on other people. I had to wait until they had the time or when they felt like it. Well, this go-round I was like I’m not doing that this time. I’m going to do it myself and I may ask for opinions. I just keep it in the back of my mind that opinions are like ear-holes (like how I changed that don’t you) and everyone has one. I refused to pay or barter with people this go-round for things I can do myself. Plus have learned spiritually that not everyone is voting for you so don’t let people know what you have going on until it’s time. I’m grateful for the learning experiences. I am grateful for the people that I have met along this path. I am also grateful for the growth and lessons. I am excited about this new path that we are on and I am excited for this year because it has started so amazingly already and it’s only the 1st week of February!!! Please stay tuned and follow along with us on this healing journey. We are proud to announce that we are officially here to serve our community! Stay tuned for an official introduction of who we are and what we plan to accomplish here at McCarroll Wellness Studio LLC!

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