Honey who is not gonna eat?

Hey, Y'all its self-care Saturday and I was coming with what I thought was an update only to realize that I didn't tell you about it to begin with. Yup, yup I am going to need an assistant but why who here I go with this blog post. So I started a few weeks ago wanting to try a different method of seed starting. I want to be able to knock down all the barriers the kids may have. I also want to be able to answer their questions. So I decided to try starting them in a napkin in a plastic bag. If you could have seen the look on my face when I watched the Youtube video. Honey the first thing I said it people play too damn much and they just be saying anything. Well while that is true .... in this case, it worked.

So on May 3, 2020, I pulled out seeds that I wanted to grow. Did I think that they would grow? Not a damn chance. I am sitting here like they are not in the dirt they are in this plastic bag. the only water they are getting was what I put on the napkin. I would come out like every two days and just look at them. Ok, I would talk to them too and I would be like don't you embarrass me you better lol Don't judge me they have to be talked to. Do you know what I mean? Well, I ended up getting tired of looking at bags doing nothing.

Fast forward to May 15, 2020, and I was out in the Greenhouse and I am like well let me pull out my tools so I can start some seeds the regular way since these are not going to do anything. Then I looked at them one more time and it's like they grew overnight. They grew after I told them not to embarrass me lol lol lol lol. I was going to put them in their little starter pots but I had to transplant my other babies since it is literally in the '80s. I was so shocked at which ones took off. Now the iceberg lettuce did grow this way and the crazy thing is almost all of them grew this way but they had a little mold or fungus or something on them and I threw them all away. I will have to just start them the normal way or I will have to hawkeye watch them. The key is they did grow! One thing that I noticed is the roots of these in the napkin seem to be a lot stronger than the ones that are started with dirt and in the little pots.

I could be wrong but that is just what I am seeing and feeling as I touch on them. They are not as brittle. None of the roots were. Even the lettuce was strong but I still was not up for fungus being among us... Anywho I have taken all my little seeds that have rooted and I have now planted them in the little greenhouse things you buy in the store and now it's in my big greenhouse waiting to see how they do.

Now that I have posted this I can come back and update you on the progress. I am going to be so excited when the cooties (COVID-19) are gone and I can have kids from the community over. This community garden has started and it is ready for the world.....ok the community to partake and give back too. Welp as always if you need me email me or dm me on Ig!

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