I'm sick of this cold you hear me!

I am learning the lessons of farming. I am grateful to experience them!

Hey, y'all how is everyone holding up during this horrible pandemic? We are here working on this garden and trying to wrap my head around what is going on in this world. On one hand, I am ready for people to go back to work because I am sick of them crying about being at home. On the other hand, I am like no the world is not ready for it to go back to "normal". With everyone being at home Mother earth can heal herself because we damn sure wasn't helping her. We moved to this property a year ago and the things that we are seeing this year are not the things we saw last year. The trees and flowers are looking different than they were last year. They are blooming and they are truly amazing. To receive more you have to be grateful for what you have at this moment. Last year I was grateful for having the trees and then boom this year we are getting fruit from them. I saw a little fruit last year and when I asked the seller she told me no ma'am there are no fruit trees on that land. Welp the Universe gave me an Apple Tree and a Pear tree. I am planting two Kiwi trees and I am excited to see them grow and produce fruit for not only my family but the community.

Now today is April the 14th and I swear Mother Earth said: "I'm sick of y'all Hold my beer." Last week the temp was 80 and then we went, downhill baby. I mean fast. We had tornadoes, to flood warnings to now there was a freeze warning. When I tell you that that tonight the low is 23. Oh and don't let me leave out there were snowflakes today. Honey I have had enough of this. Mother Nature said we are supposed to be in the house and no one is wanting to stay in. The government is wanting to hurry and open us back up. I get that we need to keep the economy from hitting rock bottom. BUTTTTTTTTT what good will that do if we lose a million people. Who is going to be doing those jobs? Don't say oh the people on unemployment will find jobs. Honey I worked for Unemployment before and people were not trying to find jobs. They were happy to be at home. Not all people but there were a ton. They just need to shut us down for real. Pay everyone to stay home and shut down everything but the banks and True Grocery stores. No bills no nothing and let folks honestly flatten this curve!!!

Ugh, see focus I did not come to talk about this coronavirus. I come to talk about my garden. So I started seeds in January so that they could be transplanted during this time frame. Well, honey, I transplanted them last week you know when it was almost 100 (ok really 80). So here we are with this freeze warning and they are like cover your plants or move them inside. Well, I was like oh no baby I don't have anything to cover them with and I am not going to dig them back up. While I was sitting here mad because I planted my veggies I watched my neighbor come out of the house with her throw blanket and throw it over her rose bushes. While it didn't cover the whole bush. I think she was like its the thought that counts. Now she has to wash like 3 throw blankets cause she was playing around.

Meanwhile, while I was laughing and being lazy some of my veggies didn't make it. While others made it and look great. Ok, I am learning at this gardening thing. I will be glad when I can plant them and stay home and get up to work in the garden and not have to work outside of the house. It is coming I feel it. You know kind of how the elders feel the rain I know you all are going to stop judging me, honey. Do you have some gardening tips you would like to share with me? Comment them below or if they are a family secret send them to my email. Well, let me go so I can go start more seeds. See y'all later miss you already!

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