Let the Games Began!!!

Hey, y’all!!!! Whew lord, let me tell you something working in the garden is all fun and dandy until you have to weed. I understand why so many people pick the no-dig method and I also see the benefits of having to dig. What do y’all prefer?!? Well, let’s talk about it. So I said man I am not trying to build a garden box I’m just gonna do this and be one with the earth...👀👀. Well, later on when I update this you will see my new garden boxes. Judge me all you want but ask if I care🤷🏽‍♀️🙄. I do like to plant directly in the earth because it is something about being out there in my flip flops feeling that cold dirt hit my feet. It’s bringing me back to being a kid and playing outside during the summer and having to be on the porch by the time the street lights came on.

I have honestly enjoyed watching my food grow before my eyes! I have lost some good but it was a different feeling. Let me see if I can explain it. When you are trying to do something and it doesn’t go as planned the first thing you think is damn I failed. STOP! You didn’t fail unless you failed to learn the lesson! Let me say it again. YOU DIDNT FAIL UNLESS YOU FAILED TO LEARN THE LESSON! So in growing food, there are several lessons. First of all, you have to try! There are growing instructions on the packet. People are in such a hurry these days that they don’t take the time to read things.

Dealing with fruits and veggies you have no choice but to read. Because some veggies can’t be planted next to each other. Kind of like when you go to your grandmothers for a family dinner and Aunt Mary can not sit next to Cousin Marcus or some shit is gonna pop off. So you have to research it or!!!!! You can do it like me! 👀👀😂😂 honey, I looked at the packets and said this is a spring to summer veggies this is a fall to winter veggies. I started with those two piles. Then once I did that I separated the spring to summer-like. In to herbs, veggies that grow like a bush or small tree, ones that grow underground like beets and carrots, and then I had a pile for running veggies.

I decided what I wanted and what I had no clue about(things I don’t eat). So I planted the things I had no clue about first. I wanted to give them some time alone to get to know me before the other veggies come in. Let me tell you! I talk to my veggies honey, we listen to music together. Oh so they listen to me sing and they probably wish I would stop but...I won’t cause they like it😂😂😂. Let me stop rambling!

Ok, so I’m doing two different types of veggie garden beds. The one with tons of weeds is where I originally filled up the bed so that I could just plant straight into the ground. When I tell you that my veggies seem to like it because they have something else in there with them...(weeds). They seem to be doing amazing even with them in there. People don’t like to grow veggies this way because of the work you HAVE to put in. Baby and if you don’t put in the work you will have no food. When the sun comes out shining and there is no rain in sight. Them poor veggies will just die. So not going out to water and weed will cost you your garden faster than it took for you to create it.

Then I am doing raised beds this summer too. I’m using the no dog method. So all you do is put down your veggie bed. Put in some cardboard to keep the weeds from growing up. Put in what you are gonna use. Some people say you can just put in the dirt. Or put in all this stuff to make it the right environment........well I’m doing it my way and you do what works best for you. So I have put my dirt in and at first, I was gonna start seeds in here and I have decided against it. I’m gonna take some seeds that are already getting their second leaves and I’m dropping them in. I will keep you updated on what happens.

I am truly grateful and blessed that I cannot only grow food for my family but my community. I am grateful to be put in a position to teach others. It’s different learning it at than it is from the Hippie Hood Healer aka Mrs. Tosha! We will listen to trap music, we will journal, we will learn about yourselves while growing the food! There are all types of lesions to learn. You just have to be open and honest with yourself. You have to have as much patience for yourself that you have with the next person. I am not a normal teacher. We laugh, we joke, we cry and we cuss. Yes, cuss. I believe in being honest with yourself. Even if you don’t want anyone else to know your truth you still have to be true to you! I’m not here to judge you! I’m here to help guide you on your journey!

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