Placenta Encapsulation

What is placenta encapsulation and what is the purpose?

     Placental encapsulation involves the drying of the placenta and grinding into a powdered form within a few hours after birth and pouring it into a vegetable capsule for consumption.


Women who have taken placenta capsules after birth has reported the following:


1. Increased milk production.
2. Decreased stress and sadness, improved mood.
3. Avoiding postpartum depression and/or anxiety.
4. Increased energy
5. Restoration of iron levels in the blood.




Placenta Encapsulations Packages

$375 – we pick up at Hospital or Home birth site/drop off at your home.

$335– we pick up at Hospital / you pick up at McCarroll Wellness Studio LLC

$245 – you drop off/pick up at McCarroll Wellness Studio LLC

****We do travel outside of Clarksville please email us for additional travel fees.***

*** We do require a $100.00 non refundable deposit****


Placenta encapsulation & tinctures have not been evaluated or endorsed by the FDA and this is not meant to substitute for medical advice.